Our experienced service department will keep your Septic System in shape.

Operations and Maintenance, or O&M, is an inspection of your individual septic components.  This is usally done on an annual basis but in some cases can be more often.  Your system may or may not be required to have this service done, either way Pioneer Digging Inc. always suggest to homeowners to get this service done anually.  Our service tech can operate and inspect all system components and let you know if there are any current, or possible, problems.  In the long run this service can save you thousands in septic repairs and keep you operational.  O&M is not an insurance policy that would cover any repair costs if needed.  It is simply an inspection to find problems and correct them before they turn into a major failure.   

Got a problem with your system?  Remember we do it all and can perform many repairs the same day as inspection!

Our Operations and Maintenance procedure:

  • Get go ahead from homeowner to inspect
  • Perform a site visit to inspect all components available
  • Service Tech creates a report of site & component conditions
  • O & M Specialist reviews the site report and will notify homeowner if any problems or concerns exist
  • Site report is then submitted to Mason County Health Department (if required) for record keeping
  • 1 year later homeowner will get a friendly reminder notifying them an inspection is due

"We will inspect most Septic Systems, even if we were not the installer."
            Bob Paysse

Get your O & M inspection scheduled today!

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