Receive your approved septic design and you will see why installers prefer our designs over others.

Pioneer Digging Inc. has been designing septic systems for over 10 years.  With thousands of septic installs under our belt we have a true advantage of knowing what systems are the best and safest for the environment.  All of our designs are properly staked out and drawn in CAD to assure accurracy

"Besides being a top designer in Mason County, we also install septic systems and offer excavation services.  This makes us a one stop shop for anyone looking to build a new home.  One call does it all!"    Bob Paysse

Our reccommended septic systems include:

  • Gravity
  • Standard Pressure
  • Aerobic Treatment Units
  • Continuous Drip
  • Glendon Bio-Filters

Common Septic Design Questions:

What is the first step for a Septic Design?
You must start with perk holes. We need to know what type of soil the system will be going in and how much soil we have to work with.  We offer this service to anyone interested in pursuing a septic design.

What type of septic system do I need?
Your soil depth to a restrictive layer will determine the type of system required.

How big will my system be?
The size of your septic system will be based on soil type and bedrooms.

How much will the Septic Install cost me?
Once we know your type of system and how big it is, we can design the system and get Mason County Health Department to approve it.  Only after that can we supply you with a written bid for the installation.

Do I have to use Pioneer Digging Inc as an installer for my design?
No.  As much as we would like to install all of our designs, you are welcome to put your design out for bid with other certified installers.  However, we ask that you keep in contact with us on who you are thinking of using.  We will be performing a final inspection and asbuilt on the system once it is installed

How long does it take to get my approved copy?
This depends on how complicated the design is, if there are waivers involved, how big, etc...  Normally we can get the design submitted in 3-7 business days and then the county could take 2-6 weeks processing the design.

How do I find out the status of my design in progress?
You may always call us at 360-426-1803 and ask for an update.  Once it is submitted to Mason County Health Department, you may also check on their website for status.  Click for Mason County's Permit Website.  From there you can enter in your property Parcel Number and should find your septic permit number starting with "SWG".  Click on it for a status.

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